Age of Pahlevans


Age of Pahlevans is a video game with support from the Ferdowsi Foundation.

The plotline of Age of Pahlevans centers on the efforts of Atar, son of Pishad and commander of the kingdom of Sistan, to fight against demons which have captured and laid waste to much of the region. The storyline is derived from the Shahnameh, an epic poem written by Ferdowsi, uses 110 mythical figures (including ArashSiavashFereidunKavehEsfandiarRustam, and Zal) living in nine regions (including SistanSarsabzKuhestan, and Atashfeshani), and features the work of over 35 voice actors.

The game was named the best Iranian game by emag. and was received as one of the first games that promote Iranian culture and heritage by other critics.

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