Thrateon is an action-RPG game inspiration from Persian mythology. Thrateon, in ancient Persian means the holder of three powers. This title has been chosen for this game series, since three different characters can be played as main avatars: Mehrdad, the Warrior(Fighter), Edar, the Mage and  Atar, the Bard. Each of these three characters takes a different path of the storyline and so it is just through playing all the paths of characters which the whole story unfolds. The title is episodic, which in its first released episode, Mehrdad is the main avatar.  The story begins with the introduction of Buras, the brave state ruler who has conquered Demon army in ZAbol land and helping Zabolians to move to his land, Jiroft, with a gigantic tree in it. But since there are still some dangers in the desert, Buras calls for youth to join his army. Mehrdad, the avatar, starts the game by joining the army and getting his mysterious task to deliver some stuff to Zabol. But, this trip is not a normal journey…


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